Integration, exposed: Integration round 2013-08-08 - week 32 of 52.

by Sam Hemelryk.  

Cold numbers:

48 issues have been successfully integrated with 6 rejected and 0 delayed. That is 89% success.

Its worth nothing that several accessibility issues were resolved this week with better notation of dynamic content. We hope to see more of these landing in the next few weeks.
There was also a nasty segfault addressed this week coming from a call to unset. We will be more mindful of how unset is being used from now on.

Hot topics:
  • MDL-34785 - fixed a performance issue arising from limit differences.
  • MDL-40995 - ongoing work to improve our Minify implementation.
  • MDL-40438 - all uses of textlib and collatorlib have now been converted.
Warm thanks:
  • This week goes to everyone who was involved in MDL-31226. Especially to Ruslan who was responsible for creating the final solution. Great work guys and girls!

Thanks everyone

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