Integration, exposed: Integration round 2013-08-02 - easy as mate

by Sam Hemelryk.  

Cold numbers:

37 issues have been successfully integrated with 2 rejected and 0 delayed. That is a hug 95% success rate, good job everyone!

Hot topics:
  • MDL-39814 - Course activity and resource editing icons are now displayed within a drop down menu with larger icons.
  • MDL-11270 - MSSQL no longer uses ntext instead using nvarchar(max).
  • MDL-39430 - We're now encouraging the use of opcache.
  • MDL-40678 - The notification JS module has been split into several sub-modules.
  • MDL-40806 - YUI config is now included in JS when in developer mode paving the way for further JS improvements.
Warm thanks:

To Andrew Nicols for his continued efforts on improving the state of our JS and for making our browsers feel a little faster every week.

Many thanks

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