Gavin Henrick: Moodle Add-ons available on Kindle and iTunes

It took some time, but now the Book is available on both of the popular e-book platforms -  Amazon Kindle and iTunes.

For those who havent seen my post about the new book before, here is a quick overview on the book.

The Moodle Add-ons book was co-authored by myself and Michael de Raadt. It includes:

  • authoritative reviews of the best add-ons for Moodle
  • a guide to setting up your own Moodle test site so you can try add-ons without risk
  • step by step installation and setup instructions for each reviewed add-on and examples of how to use them
  • processes to fully evaluate add-ons so you can use them with confidence in your institution

Kindle Edition

The Moodle Add-ons Kindle edition is available from Amazon for about 9.99 dollars depending where you are.

iTunes ePub Edition

The Moodle Add-ons ePub edition is available from Apple iTunes for about 9.99 dollars depending where you are.

Paperback Edition

The Moodle Add-ons paperback if available from Createspace or Amazon for approx 25 euro depending on where you are.

Who is the book for?

Whether you are a developer, teacher, administrator or project manager, if you wish to enhance your Moodle site with add-ons, this book will provide advice for evaluating add-ons and also help you to identify some great add-ons that will enrich specific aspects of your platform.

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