Two new Moodle Academy courses have just launched

Last week the Moodle Academy team launched two new courses:

Introduction to Moodle
Introduction to Moodle provides a short, high level overview of Moodle. It is recommended that you take this course before any others, if you are not already familiar with Moodle.
This course is suitable for everyone: educators, administrators and developers. 
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Moodle Development Environment

Set up your Moodle Development Environment is the first course in a program of courses (currently in development) that step you through how to start developing with Moodle. Each course builds upon the next to create and extend the features of a simple plugin. Therefore, it is recommended you take these courses in order. This course is for developers.
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If you are new to Moodle, we recommend you start with the Introduction to Moodle course.

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