Moodle 3.11.4 and other minor versions released today

Hi all,

Moodle 3.11.4, 3.10.8, and 3.9.11 were released today. 

As usual, you can find the releases via our download channels ( or Git).

We recommend you upgrade your Moodle sites where possible, to benefit from the bug-fixes and security improvements.

The release notes for each version can be found on the following pages:


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Moodle 4.0 release update

Hi All,

A quick update on the Moodle 4.0 release.

We've seen much progress in the last couple of months. Many of the big changes have already been integrated or are going through integration as we speak. Moodle 4.0 is starting to take shape, which you can follow on our QA site. Note that we're currently transitioning from the old 3.x navigation to

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Please join us today for the Moodle Academy 'Assessment: Exploring Forums' webinar

Moodle Academy

Assessment: Exploring Forums webinar

20 Oct 20219:00 - 10:00 UTC

In this hands-on interactive webinar Anna Krassa and Mary Cooch will explore the use of the Forum activity for formative and summative assessment. Participants will have the opportunity to experience Forum as learners and also see the activity from the teacher's point of view.


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